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Practical Self-Defense

Through simulated situations of what could happen in real life, your Master will teach you a streetwise self-defense that prepares you for virtually any type of assault. Tae Kwon Do, which literally “Tae” means “to kick with the foot”, Kwon” means ”a hand or fist to block, punch or strike”, “Do” means an “art” or “way of life”. “The art of kicking, blocking, and punching”.

However Tae Kwon Do is not merely a physical fighting skill, it is also a way of thought and life. It teaches you blocking, hand, elbow, knee, and foot techniques, that are effective at close, mid, and long range. If you are grabbed, you will know what to do through Judo, the “gentle art” that teaches you to throw, submission holds, and joint locks, and Hap Ki Do, a “soft style of martial art, as opposed to “hard” styles that practice the use of force against force, means make the outcome a simple matter of size and strength.

Combining techniques from these three disciplines – “Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Hap Ki Do” – is what makes Park’s Tae kwon Do a hybrid style and the most effective self-defense available today. Knowing you can defend yourself, your confidence will grow. And confidence alone is usually enough to deter potential attackers.