» Grand Master Park

Grand Master Young Park is a 8 Dan Black Belt from the Kukkiwon(World Taekwondo Federation), a former Korean National Champion, and Korean National Demonstration Team Member for 5 years. He had graduated from Seoul Physical Education Middle & High School, and Kyung Hee University Dept. of Taekwondo as a Professional Athlete. He has earned a Master degree in Sports Science, and has a long history as an instructor which included the esteemed position as an International Referee and Coach for the Korean National Children Demonstration Team. Master Park is understanding with children and adults, and tries to help push themselves to their limit.

Accomplishments, wards & Achievements in Taekwondo

1986  Bronze Medal /Welter Weight Class Championship

1986 Gold Medal/ National New Face Championship

1987 Graduated From the Seoul Physcial Educaiton Middle School

1988 Bronze Medal /24thPresident's Flag Taekwondo Tournament

1989 Bronze Medal /1st Kyung Hee University President's Championship Flag Taekwondo Tournament

1990 Graduated from Seoul Physical Education High School

1994-1998  Member of the Koean National Taekwondo Demonstration Team

1995 1st Place/ Kyung Hee University Poomsae Championship

1996 Attained Master of Taekwondo Instructor

1996 Attained 2nd Class Taekwondo Instructor Certification

1996 Attained 3rd Grade Referee Certification

1997- 1999 Member of the Council of Techniques for the National Taekwondo Demonstraion Team

1997 Graduated from Kyung Hee University Taekwondo Department. BA Degree

1999 Graduated from Kyung Hee University with a Master of Physical Education from the department of Sports Science

1999 Published Master's Thesis: Somatotype and Factor analysis of Physical Fitness for Taekwondo Trained Elementary School Boys

2002 Establish Park's Taekowndo Academy

2009 Attained 7th Dan Black Belt from Kukkiwon

2009 Citation from President of  World Taekwondo Federation

2017 Attained 8th Dan Black Belt from Kukkiwon

2017 Certificate of Qualification for Second Class Taekwondo Master