» Children (Ages 6-12)

Park’s Tae Kwon Do Academy is more than just another after school activity. Exciting yet disciplined classes hold a child’s attention, thus improving his or her ability to learn. Learning builds a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence will grow – the first part of a strong foundation.

Along with building self-confidence, we weave traditional values into the fabric of each class. Courage, justice, generosity, politeness, honor, honesty, and loyalty, these seven traditional values – the second part of a strong foundation – date back to the Hwa Rang.

In addition your child will develop a non-quitting spirit to overcome life’s obstacles. A non-quitting spirit – the third part of a strong foundation – makes any goal reachable.

The complete foundation helps children excel in school, sports and the arts. It ensures that they will make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will feel secure and confident.


What will my child learn?

We teach our students the Three Rules of Concentration and the Three Most Important Things in Taekwondo.

The Three Rules of Concentration: Focus your eyes. Focus your mind. And focus your body, sir! This encourages our students to pay attention to instructions and to the person giving those instructions.

The Three Most Important Things in Taekwondo: Respect. Concentration. And Self-control, sir! Taekwondo is not just about self-defense and martial arts, it's about discipline and respecting others. We try to help children learn to respect their parents and friends to help them grow up to be kind to others and not use martial arts as a weapon.

Who is teaching my child?

Master Park is a 8th Dan black belt from Kukkiwon. He has studied Taekwondo for over 35 years. Master Park's had been on the Korean National Demonstration Team for 5 years. He was  also one of the Kyung He University Taekwondo Team Players. Master Park had also taught the Korean Children's Taekwondo Demonstration Team. We also have black belt Instructors, who have studied under Master Park, help out with the classes.

What is expected of our students?

We emphasize effort and sincerity of practice in our classes. We expect children to listen well, learn and try their best at all times.


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