» Little Ninja (Ages 3-5)

For kids ages 3-5. We focus on agility, flexibility and co-ordination, as well as listening skills and basic etiquette in a fun and nurturing environment. Here we teach our students the basics of Taekwondo. Little Ninja learn simple kicking, blocking and punching to build their foundation for martial arts growth. In addition to Taekwondo, our Little Ninja program emphasizes good behavior at home and in school. Children and their parents receive a list of home rules and an achievement chart that tracks good behavior at home. The goal is to help our Little Ninja take that important first step toward developing the confidence, control, self-discipline and focus necessary for school and for serious martial arts or organized sports later in life. WOULD YOU LIKE TO BOOK A FREE TRIAL? EMAIL US TODAY at tkd901@hotmail.com Thank you for visiting Park’s Taekwondo Academy